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What is the program about?
It is a Multimedia program, fully interactive with audio, video and text, that covers all the subjects within the Audio Engineering field.

What does it actually cover?
It covers all the theory of a Audio Engineering course, since from basic Mathematics and Physics to top end mixing consoles, synthesizers and so on.

Whom is it for?
For anyone interested in Audio Engineering.

Design a logo for this product.
Name: I am going to give you 3 names for it. Please, choose one. The names are: Music Tools, Soundmaster or Sound Master, Audiomaker or Audio Maker.
Color: RGB 85,0,0
Comments: Preferably use shades and colors that match the above mentioned code, even though fell totally free to use your own imagination and creativity.
Shape: I thought about a round shaped font style, because of the way that sound travels, in waves. But, anyway, same thing applies here, fell free.