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Name: Marcos Cavenague

No: 41534

Course code: AED300X1

Lecturer: C. Robinson

Subject Area: Educational CD-ROM

Title: Sound Engineering Multimedia Tutorial

Reason for the subject: I had the idea of developing a multimedia CD-ROM that would cover the whole theory portion of a sound engineering course.

Research Sources:

  • The market;
  • Generic books on the area like Handbook for Sound Engineers by Glen Ballou and the Internet;
  • Multimedia authoring software's and new programming techniques for multimedia CD-ROM's through talking to people who work in this area;
  • Books and people related to the Multimedia Industry.



The essay will be based on research that will prove or at least give a better idea about whether or not it is possible to develop a sound engineering multimedia tutorial.

Main Body

The first item to be researched on this project is that to know if there is demand for such a thing. As there isn’t any intention to invest money on this essay, the market research will be made by asking experienced people advice about what to do to get a reasonably accurate result.

With positive conclusions from market research, the next step could be an analysis of the amount of material that would be covered, how it would be subdivided and how long it would take to type it into a computer. That would have to include the time for proof reading by a professional or several professionals in the area.

A third item to be researched would be the software tools that would actually build the tutorial. At this stage we will be able to know whether or not it would be feasible to have an ‘electronic narrator’ reading all the texts.

The next and final step, if we haven’t missed anyone that would come before it, would be interviewing experienced people in the multimedia industry, economists, accountants, lawyers and administrators about the whole complex issue and how much it would actually cost from making the master CD-ROM to getting copies on store shelves.

Expected Conclusion

For the conclusion, we would simply expect two answers: "it’s feasible to do such thing" or "forget it!" With positive results from this essay, I would use it to raise money to develop the project.